Amanda Simpson

Amanda is an independent education consultant, specialising in school improvement and mathematics improvement through provision of consultancy support and training. Until September 2012, Amanda was Director for Primary, at the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) where she, with her co-director Laurie Jacques, led on all aspects of the National Centre’s work in the primary phase. Amanda therefore has extensive experience of designing and developing PD programmes for teachers of primary mathematics. Prior to joining the NCETM, Amanda was Senior Lecturer in primary mathematics education at a Midlands university and Deputy Head in a primary school. Amanda completed her PhD at Warwick University – her doctoral research focused on the cognitive processes involved in children’s development of mathematical concepts and the ways that teachers can support children to learn effectively and be successful. Amanda is a registered Ofsted inspector and inspects primary schools in many parts of the country. She offers consultancy for school improvement in 2 strands: Development of mathematics teaching in school or across clusters, and Support for pre-Ofsted audits, evaluation and development of school performance.