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Etc Venues: The Hatton, Near Farringdon Station, London

ReferenceCourse TitleDurationDate(s)Venue
PL1Recording Mathematics: Using Learning Journals1 x whole-day28th June 2018TBC, London
PL2Big Ideas in Calculations1 x whole-day14th NovemberEtc, The Hatton, London
PL3Designing Learning for Mastery1 x whole-days21st Jan 2019Etc, The Hatton, London
PL4Solving Problems with Bar Models1 x whole-dayTBCEtc, The Hatton, London
PL5Differentiating Mathematics: Deepening and supporting1 x whole-day1st Feb 2019Etc, The Hatton, London
PL6Mathematical Reasoning and Problem Solving & Reasoning in Every Maths Lesson (KS1&2)1 x whole-day28th March 2019Etc, The Hatton, London


Basepoint Business Centre, Canterbury

ReferenceCourse TitleDurationDate(s)Venue
CP1Solving Problems with Bar Modelling1 x whole-day20th June 2018Canterbury Innovation Centre
CP2Recording Mathematics: Using Learning Journals1 x whole-day26th June 2018St. Peter's Primary School, Canterbury
CP3Big Ideas of Calculationsx1 whole-dayTBCCanterbury Innovation Centre
CP4Building Number:
Using Manipulatives
for TAs
x1 whole-day15th Jan 2019Blean Primary School, nr Canterbury
CP5Designing Learning for Masteryx2 half-daysTBCSaltwood Primary School
CP6Differentiating Maths: Deepening and Supporting1 x whole-day20th Nov 2018Canterbury Innovation Centre
CP7Interrogating your KS2 Maths DataTwilightTBCSaltwood Primary School
CP8Number Talks: Developing Fluency with Reasoning2 x whole-daysTBCTBC
CP9Problem Solving and Reasoning in Every Maths Lesson1 x whole-day26th March 2019Blean Primary School

One day courses costs £160 + VAT

Half-day courses cost £95 + VAT

2 day courses cost £300 + VAT

2 x half-day courses costs £190 + VAT

3 x half-day courses costs £270 + VAT

One day courses: 9.15am - 3.00pm

Half day courses: 1.15pm - 4.30pm

A school booking more than one course or for more than
one teacher will be offered a discount.
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